Life After the WSPU

At some point Selina met her future husband, Edward Burley from London. They possibly met each other in London, as Edward lived just eight miles away from the WSPU headquarters at Clement's Inn. However, upon their marriage, Edward was working as a commercial traveller, so it is also likely that he met Selina in her home town of Lancaster.

The couple married in Lancaster on 13th December 1912.  They had two children who were both born in Lancaster, Evelyn Martin Burley, born 1916 and Edward Martin Burley, born 1920. Sadly, her husband Edward died in 1920 in Lancaster, aged 33.

Selina (left) with her sisters at their father's market stall
Selina had three shops during her lifetime. The first of which was on Common Garden Street, and it was only a small sweet shop with no living accommodation. The second was on Kings Street. The third, she lived at between the years of 1942 and 1962, as she can be found in the telephone directory living and working as a grocer at 40 Blades Street in Lancaster.

Selina died aged 90 in 1972 in Lunesdale. She is buried in the Top Cemetery in Lancaster in an unmarked grave.

Selina's grave site at Lancaster Top Cemetery