Early Life

A family photo taken in the garden of 31 Windermere Road
Selina Martin was born 21 November 1882, in Ulverston, Lancashire, the seventh child of John Martin and his wife Elizabeth (nee Richardson.) She was probably born at 39 Towers Street, where the family was living 18 months previously for the 1881 census. Her father was a book deliverer.

Selina had two older sisters, named Mary Ann and Elizabeth, and four older brothers named James, Charles, William and John.

Two more sisters named Florence and May came shortly after Selina, followed another brother, Harry. Shortly after Harry's birth, when Selina was about 4 or 5, the family moved to Lancaster over twenty miles away. The family lived for several years at 31 Windemere Road, a house still standing today.

Shortly after their arrival in Lancaster, was the arrival of another brother who was named Walter. Walter died aged only a few months old, a few years later the last child was also called Walter. Selina would have left school at about 12, and we know she worked for a few years as a domestic servant.

The picture above right was taken in the back garden of the house on Windemere Road in approximately 1896, possibly at her older brother Charles’ wedding. Selina, aged about 14 is more than likely one of the four young ladies on the front row, possibly the young girl on the far right.

Between 1896 and 1901, Selina's father opened a bookshop on New Street, and they moved to a bigger house on Sun Street, near the centre of Lancaster.

Selina also worked as a nurse at some point.

Selina joined the Mormon Church on 13th March 1907. In October 1908, when the Lancaster branch was started, she was chosen as treasurer.

In January 1908, she joined the Women's Social and Political Union.