What did she look like?

Likely to be Selina and her sisters
There is no known photograph of Selina Martin in the public domain. However, in my possession, I have a copy of a family photograph, dated in the mid 1890s. I presume it is from Selina's brother, Charles Richardson Martin's marriage in 1896.

At the bottom right of this group photo, is the four young women as shown on the right, which I suspect is Selina and her sisters. At the time, Selina was about 14, and she had three unmarried sisters aged 21, 11 and 10. Based on the clothes the girls are wearing, I would say that the far left and far right, wearing the blouse and skirt, are Selina and her 21 year old sister Elizabeth. The girl on the far left is also wearing a hat, which might be taken as a sign that she is the twenty-one year old, and therefore a complete adult.

There are also two more photos that I have received from people I have been in contact with since this blog was created.

Selina (whom we think is the lady on the left) and two of her sisters, at their father's book stand

A blurry newspaper article showing a photo of Selina